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Every project, from one room to an entire home, is a true collaboration with the client’s taste, needs and budget firmly in hand.  Genay takes a thoughtful, refined approach in expressing the clients’ point of view with uniquely personalized results. The mission is to create stunning environments to fit each customer’s lifestyle.  Your home, your style.

Genay Bell Interior Design

Initial Contact

You found me… by a referral, online search, or we met at Starbucks. Now what?  You can contact me either by phone or email to give me some insight into the project you are planning and how I can help you with it. I will send you a design questionnaire that helps me gather this information about both your home (or other space) and the people who will be using it. This lets me know things like what colors you like… and those you don’t.

From that initial contact, we will set up a time to meet at the job site. This gives me time to talk to you in person about your project and we can discuss any additional information not addressed in the Design Questionnaire. As you can imagine, every project is different, and it really takes seeing the space and going over your dreams for it before I can accurately come up with a design plan. From this meeting I return to my studio to create a proposal for you.

Design Inquiry

Genay Bell Interior Design
Genay Bell Interior Design

Concept / Design Phase

Once the proposal is agreed upon, I will develop a design concept for you.  Depending on the scope of the project, I will draft space plans, come up with ideas on color and finish selections, and start selecting furnishing choices. Once complete,  I will share the ideas with you and get feedback on the direction the design is going.  { Love that finish?  Great, we’ll move forward with that.  Not wild about that particular item, no problem, lets get one perfect for you! }



With a Design Plan, we can start putting it in motion.  Every  project is as unique as the people involved.  Some clients will implement in phases, or take a do it yourself approach, while others will have the contractor on site, jack hammer in hand, as soon as possible. Some items we can have the next day, others may literally be taking the slow boat from China. My job is to help plan all these elements so that the project runs smoothly and on time.

Genay Bell Interior Design
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